How to Increase Your Home's Value

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Home Improvement

Home Owners are always asking "How can I  Increase my Home's Value?"

Every home is different, if you are thinking of Selling your Home, it's important to get an experienced, well-known local Realtor®'s opinion. There are several ways to spruce up your home and there are critical updates/remodeling that can add value.  However I've also seen a lot of mistakes that home owners have made; spending lots of money on an update or remodel only to actually 'reduce' the value of their property.  Bad choices will lead to frustration and unrealistic expectations and a reduction in value.   Personal taste and preference is not always the best choice.  It's a big financial impact and staying open to the right professional's opinion can make a huge difference to your home's value.

The following data was collected by Realtor Magazine:

                 Minor kitchen updates (88%)

                 Bathroom updates/remodel (85%)

                 Major kitchen updates/remodel (81%)

                 Backyard Deck addition or improvement (77%)

                 Roof and/or Siding replacement (73%)

                 Window replacement or improvements (69%)

                 Adding Bedroom/Home office (55%)

The new trending projects that help increase your home’s value include: new home security system; sprinkler system; storage buildings; and open floor plans. Additionally, these items can make a big difference when selling your home:  freshen up the curb appeal, plant new flowers in season, paint the front door, change the front lock, de-clutter, remove any odors and several other items specific to your home.  When I set up home valuation appointments to sell homes, I provide a list of items that can make a big difference in the offer price you receive. Always hire quality, reputable professionals who use durable, quality materials and improve your property's value 20 percent above that of your neighbors’.   Let your home always 'shine' above the rest.

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