Exercise: How to Stay Motivated

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Its's 2019 - the New Year - let's all start exercising - right?   

MOTIVATION - DISCIPLINE (YES)      Try to Loose 30 lbs overnight (wrong)

1)  Keep it Simple - start slow but create a routine that works for YOU!!!  (not other people) - perhaps it's the morning, maybe it's at lunch time or maybe it's while you watch the news when you get home.   Set up 30 minutes 3 Days a week, start small - oh and MUSIC, upbeat music that you want to dance to, helps motivate!

2) Set an Alarm on your phone - those annoying alarms are not just for waking up on time!    You can program yourself by setting a repeatable, intentional, short routine.

3) Change your exercise routine every four to six weeks - this one depends on you and what really works.   If you know that Monday, Wedns, and Fridays you can go walking at lunch time for 30 minutes and still have time to eat lunch - then stick with this routine.  Perhaps change the walking path or add in stairs!

4) Get one of those Step Tracking Apps on your phone (since we keep our phones on us all the time) - experts say 10,000 per day is the average of fit people

5)  Accountability - this can work, if you have a good friend, your children, or a new friend you want to get to know more, ask them to walk with you.

Just START doing something!!   Be reasonable, Love yourself, Watch what you really eat - look at the calories, fat content and salt - what nutrition are you really getting from that fruit juice?  How old are you?   If you are over 50 years old - it can get really hard; but just stay hopeful.   Go to your 'Peaceful, Quiet" place as often as possible to recharge and re-generate.  Stay around all the positive, uplifting people in your life; and keep unproductive, complaining, negative people away (love them from a far distance!)

Happy, positive 2019 - hope to see you and wish you the best results!  Let me know how you are doing - I am doing this with you!

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