Air Conditioning and Heater Maintenance

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Air Conditioning & Heating Maintenance - do this now before winter comes

Have a professional check your system periodically.

Keep an eye on the refrigerant level.

Oil the blower motor and fan on both the condensing and the evaporation units annually.

Keep the condensing-unit pan free of bugs, leaves and dirt.

Check the tension on the condensing and evaporation unit blower fan belts

Inspect the blower ducts and joints for leaks and insulation slippage annually.

Clean or replace air filters at least quarterly - monthly if you have pets

Keep the blower motor fan blade free of mold and mildew.

Set the thermostat as comfortably possible for fall/winter

Don't put electronic equipment near the thermostat. It senses heat, which causes the unit to run too long.

This is a good time of the year to get a 'check-up' on your heater and see if you need any minor adjustments - don't wait until it gets really cold, and your heater is not working - that will cost you more money.  I have great referrals!   Call/Text me at 916-949-6509